questions to ask your

Get a TOTAL understanding of the person who is sharing your life

1000 Questions for Couples has questions that allow you to know your partner. You will get to know them better than even their own family. This isn’t limited to those who just began dating but also those that have been married for years. There are several different categories of questions and while they all may not relate exactly to where you are right now, they all relate to that person who is sharing your life.

“An estimated 83% of divorces would not take place
if couples asked each other the right questions”

To let you know what you are getting into, I have included the list of categories below. 1000 Questions for Couples contains many pages of questions in each category and this list can just give you a taste of the many exciting things you will get to learn about your partner.

Personality, Feelings & Emotions
Health, Food & Well Being
Morals, Convictions and Beliefs
Religion & Spiritual Matters
Car & Driver
Holidays & Celebrations
Home & Home Life

(more categories below)


I know when I first looked at the list, I was thinking, “I know everything that there is to know about her concerning that subject.” I was SO wrong.


What I have found that this book does is gives you an avenue to discuss things that don’t normally come up in everyday conversation. It allows you and your partner to discuss and relate to each other how things make you feel and thoughts you have behind the questions asked. Most of all, it allows you to bond with your partner through the discussions stemming from these questions with your partner.

The author, Michael Webb, is well known for his works with relationships. Some of his books include: The RoMANtic’s Guide: Hundreds of Creative Tips for a Lifetime of Love, 100 Secrets for Blissful Relationships, 101 Romantic Ideas as well as 1000 Questions for Couples. Michael Webb also writes a nationally syndicated column called “The RoMANtic” and is known in the media as one of the nation’s top experts in romance. He has been given the title of “The World’s Most Romantic Man” and has been interviewed numerous times where he has gained very high praise in publications such as Family Circle, Cosmopolitan, Men’s Health and hundreds of other magazines and publications worldwide.

Past & Futurequestions to ask your
Hobbies & Entertainment
Love, Romance & Date Nights
Friends & Family
Career and Education
Relationships – Past & Present
Children & Child Rearing
Wedding & Honeymoon

With all that being said, 1000 Questions for Couples will change your relationship with your partner as you will know your partner better than 99% of all other couples know their partners. Learning about your partner is VERY beneficial to both of you and answering these questions truthfully will help both of you grow, not only in the knowledge you gain from the other person, but together in the bond that you will share.