Question by Ben: Is making my girlfriend wear a playboy bunny outfit demeaning?
What is wrong with my girlfriend? It’s a little much, but I ask her to wait on me wearing a playboy bunny outfit every once and a while. But I still think it’s stupid that she gets mad when I make her do it and she feels its “demeaning”. I mean, It’s just me and her around so how can it be demeaning? Why can’t she just do something to please her man. I always do things to please her when she asks, no questions asked.

You guys tell me what the two of us should do? Whatever you decide, is how we’ll solve this issue. (I already bought a whole assortment of playboy bunny outfits for her and I refuse to have my money wasted, so make the right decision).
ADDED: You guys are no help. Come on. What’s wrong with wearing a playboy bunny outfit? It’s just clothes.
Seriously. Give me some better answers. Whichever gets the highest rating I have to go with. She’s got her friends in on this.
SERIOUSLY. This is binding. Stop giving the stupid answers a thumbs up. Pick something serious like Carl K’s answer.
You guys are sick. There’s no way in hell, I’m wearing those outfits.

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Answer by Chaos Theory
Your really clueless…aren’t u?

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