Question by the coast with the most: Need some questions to ask potential candidates for caregiver position for my grandma.?
We have posted a classified ad looking for someone to come in and help care for my 100 year old grandmother. I posted the ad yesterday and already have quite a few responses. I guess I didn’t anticipate such a quick response. Can anyone suggest some good questions I should ask the potential candidates? My grandma means the world to me and I want to ensure she gets the best care we can provide for her. Thanks.

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Answer by jenny
I have no idea what to ask but I saw on tv where you can check ppls backgrounds that is Perfect you need to know what kind of ppl you are dealing with. They have a free trial to so if you find some potential ppl then you can see their back grounds. I am sorry I don’t know what the name of the website is but You can google it or bing. Good luck and I hope you find a good person.

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