Question by Vincent: Protection of the nonhuman primate species or a single human being? Which should have higher legal protection?
My question is soliciting the perspective of a person who does not believe in the existence of creator to whom we are all beholding (a God). If one had to die, all nonhuman primate species or a single average human being, which of the two should have to die? Please explain the reasons for your answer. And please do not give any reply, if for any reason object to the question asked and are not willing to give a direct answer to the actual question asked. Thank you!

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Answer by Into My Heart You Whisper
Non God believers (or otherwise) are mostly nature and life lovers. They would not think neither of which on those should be terminated. Nonhuman primate species or a single human being’s life are all worthy and precious. Yet speaking of legal protection might still depend on the real situation being dealt upon with at a time. We can not assume any definite answer about this in general, hence without an specific proper justification being carefully weighed. Whether what or why and how the legal protection should be implemented.

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