Question by ya coffee: Does it benefit a man to be a good lover and to satisfy a woman?
In the other question I asked one answer was, “When women are initiating 70% of divorces, it carries little benefit for men to be good lovers.”

As a woman, this sounds completely illogical. Am I missing something?
@Integration Women get very attached to guys – they do not leave them for NO reason. If you pull back because you think she will leave you, it will be a self-fulfilling prophesy because neglect is the most common reason a woman leaves a man.

Best answer:

Answer by Integration 20, The Dark Finder
Let me reword it:

If I put all that effort into the relationship and she just leaves anyway, what was the point?

So, I could work hard to be a good lover and she’ll leave. Or, I can be an emotionally distant jerk and she’ll leave.

It’s easier to be emotionally distant. And I’ll get the same results.

Or, did you mean sex? Because I can do that! I’m certain I’m not the best she ever had, but I make sure she gets off.

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