Question by Cole: What are the zodiac signs doing on the bus home?
Similar question already asked but I thought it was fun reading the responses so,
What are each of the zodiac signs doing on the bus ride home?

Best answer:

Answer by Capricorn
Aries- He is disappointed to go home. He was having so much fun outside flirting.

Taurus- He is disappointed and grumpy, but the reason is quite different. He left home to punish the lover with whom he was having an imaginary argument. Bus driver actually had to tie him to the seat with a rope in order to take him home.

Gemini- He is talking to his other half on his mind and laughing about the psycho taurus.

Cancer- Duty calls! He is driving the bus and at the same time praying so taurus stops being moody towards his lover, virgo stops criticizing, aries doesnt end up with aids and leo stops singing….AND also so that the bus doesnt end up going to heaven!

Leo- He is playing guiter at the back of the bus about the scenes passing by.

Virgo- He was quite for a long time and little annoyed because he thought roads were too dirty and thats why carpets should be placed on them, but now suddenly its time to get critical about something else…and that is leo’s song. the virgo suddenly stands up to criticize it. but no one is in mood to really listen to him and so he goes up to the tied taurus and tells him how leo should clean up his throat with clorex bleach and sing the song in right way.

Libra- He is sitting all very depressed. There are 14 family members living in his house , but he feels he has no one because no one has yet praised him for his new $ 1000 t-shirt.

Scorpio- He is busy checking some stuff in his bag…and the thing he has in his bag is the information about what taurus was doing outside. he is supposed to give this to taurus’ lover. and then he has some dna report about leo which he will use to investigate whether singing is actually in leo’s blood.

Sagg- He is having an asthma…and this attack is the cause of the fact that he is going home where he feels he wont have oxygen for his survival.

Capricorn- The bus is jerking on the broken road, but capricorn is not giving up working on the financial statement he is taking home.

Aquarius- He is writing down on a piece of paper the estimates of the budget he will have for friday party.

Pisces- He is sleeping and dreaming about fairies and elves. Unfortunately, he still doesnt know that he is on the bus.

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