Question by LittleMermaid: Why would someone classify a certain breed of dog to be a danger around children?
I just saw a question asked yesterday, but already closed to new answers, where the woman asked if you would allow your children to be around a Siberian Husky. The person who got the best answer commented that they would not because Huskies are part wolf and can turn on someone in a heartbeat. This question struck a nerve with me, because I have 4 Siberian Huskies and they have never been violent or dangerous to me or anyone else, including my children. Also because Huskies are no more “part wolf” than any other breed of dog. That is a myth. I understand peoples fear about Pit Bulls, since you hear so many stories of them being breed to fight and that they have attacked people, but why would someone assume based on the looks of a peticular dog, that they are unsafe to be around children?;_ylt=AlMNTqF8y8chtZkaHst06ot87hR.?qid=20070402091224AAEC0dY

This is the question I am referring too. I understand the concern over a dog that size being around kids, but alot of a dogs behavior has to do with how it is raised or what brings about an attack. Owning Huskies myself, I don’t believe they are any more likely to attack a child than any other breed.
laenaneer: (Hope I spelled that right) It cracks me up how people say that Huskies look like wolves. I have watched the Discovery Channel numerous times and Huskies do not look like wolves. You can take a Husky and a wolf and stand them side by side, and it is very, very obvious who the wolf is. Only my oldest male even has the coloring of a wolf (Grey, black and white). The others are red and white or tan and white. Even though they look more like a wolf than most dogs, doesn’t mean they are wolves. Not unless, like you said, they are hybrids.

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Answer by sunshine
Because, there are breeds of dogs that are not good around children. For example, dalmations.

I do not know of the post you speak, but I would never get a dalmation as a pet in my house with kids.

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