Question by Roberto: The Congress of Vienna changed economy and social climate in which way?
As the question asks how was this significant Congress impacting on social climate and economy. Thank You :] and if you have sources for that please let me know…

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Answer by ammianus
The Congress handed large areas of territory containing ethnic groups over to control of major European empires;the Duchy of Warsaw was divided between Prussia,Austria, and Russia, and northern Italy was handed over to Austria.

Socially, this meant the aristocracy in these autocratic empires would continue to wield the majority of political and local power. It also stored up a lot of nationalist trouble that manifested itself later in the century.

Economically, this was a benefit to such areas, as they gradually became integrated into the overall economies of these empires and states they were free of customs duties, tolls, and taxes imposed on would otherwise have been foreign exports and imports.

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