Question by cheechntx: What are some important questions I should ask a Navy recruiter?
I have an appointment to go speak with a Navy?
I have an appointment to go speak with a Navy recruiter. What are some questions i should be ready to ask? Bear in mind that i have some college credit hours and my girlfriend and I are expecting a child in October. I need important questions to ask that I may have overlooked… thanks!

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Answer by Traveling Chris
You need to know how to maximize your opportunities to get the job you want. Ask to talk to people in the communities you are interested in. Ask what the advancement rates are for the communities. Ask what the sea to shore rotations are. Ask how long ‘A’ school is. Ask were you can be stationed right out of A school, and where you will most like be stationed. Ask as many people in the Navy what they like and what they don’t like. Ask recruiters and non-recruiters.

If you are going to marry your girlfriend, marry her before you leave for boot camp and then ask when your recruiter is going to help her get the paperwork filed while you are at boot camp.

These are just a few ideas. Oh, and google ‘Hey Shipwreck’ and go to the tubedaze webpage and start reading.

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