Question by AJ: What is significant about about Odysseus meeting his father in an orchard?
I need to know what is so significant about Odysseus revealing himself to Laertes (father) in an orchard. He was sort of just walking around and he saw his father on the ground with a spade and he was working around a sapling. He was in rags, a cap, ankle things, and gloves. I don’t see what is so great about it but apparently there is because in the book I am reading, Heroes of the City of Man, a question asks what is significant about it. Please help me ASAP!

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Answer by Cathy
Odysseus goes to see his father because he has just gotten home after being gone for 20ish years half of which he spent lost at sea and considered dead. He has just killed all of his wife’s suitors and is basically getting ready for a bigger fight. It is at the end of the Odyssey and at first he pretends to be someone else before reveling who he is to his father. The last of his family/ loved ones that he revels himself too is his father.

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