Question by Tommy Tim: Why do people address lovers in poems while that lover is not present?
The speaker, in many poems, appears to speak to a lover when it is clear the lover is not present. (Ex;s: You are the air I breathe, you are the wind beneath my wings, you boil me down to thick air, etc etc)

What is this called? (When poets do this)
I’m trying to analyze a poem and I can’t quite say why I believe the speaker is alone(because she appears to be speaking to a lover by saying “you”), though I know she is
Ha, Libby you don’t get it…
Longcloud dick: A poem isn’t usually used as a letter. They aren’t writing TO their lover; they’re writing ABOUT their lover. Kids who think they’re intelligent piss me off. Intelligent people don’t feel the need to show it off.

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Answer by libby
Tommy, do you address someone in an email when they are not present? Do you for instance say; I have been thinking of you and wanted to make contact? Now…why on earth would you do this when the recipient is not present? What is it called when you do this? Could I dare guess it is personal communication?

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