Question by Arturo Hernandez: Why would anyone deny the Holocaust ever happened?
Also, who is it that’s denying it? What groups of people?

I went to listen to a Holocaust survivor tell his story a while ago, and near the end, he mentioned something about how some people are denying the tragedy even happened. It came as a real shock to me.

I found this question asked by a misinformed individual, and I read one of the blocked comments, and that comment seems to appear in many questions regarding the credibility of the Holocaust. Like, that EXACT comment…

Best answer:

Answer by The Black Rabbit of the Inlé
The two main points Holocaust deniers make are:

1. Nazi German did not have a policy to exterminate Europe’s Jews
2. The Nazis did not kill Jews in specially constructed gas chambers

I believed the Holocaust as promulgated, until I started to study it, really study it. Now I believe it’s a huge lie.

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